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Quality over quantity! With only a handful of products, EvoKidz's products are smart and most importantly high-quality. Recommend to all moms!

Jessica Kate

Bought the Bump Bump and the nasal aspirator! And I LOVE IT! It's incredibly practical, cute and it works perfectly.

Ashley Wall

Definitely top notch products. Especially the nail trimmer. Saves me the worry and empowers me with confident to trim my son's nails! Happy Customer!

Marissa L

I love this store! They only have a few products focusing on quality over quantity. Great stuff! Smart products and great customer service. Big up to Jane from customer support, she was lovely!

Sammy Riley

The nail trimmers are amazing! My husband and I think its a game changer! After clipping my daughters skin off, I told myself never again. These trimmers has definitely saved us. Thank you!

Tira H

I'm a happy customer! Save yourself the headache and get the nail trimmers & nasal aspirator. Also, I got the Bump Bump, super cute and great product! Such innovative products. It's a must have for all parents!

Lila Moore

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