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"We have used the bulb and Frida but this is my favorite go-to nasal aspirator! It's more hygienic and straight forward to use. My son doesn't scream with this compared to Frida, my guess it looks less intimidating. Can't recommend it enough to new parents, it's honestly a game changer."

Amber Salazar.

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It's impossible for your baby to blow their own nose. Baby's lungs are weak and they have tiny nose airways. In your care, it's your priority to keep it clean, making them comfortable & happy!

When congested, it's difficult for them to breathe and sleep, resulting in pain and discomfort. Feeling helpless when your baby cries is very heartbreaking. 

INSTANT RELIEVE: The nasal aspirator is designed to quickly and effectively extract mucus with just one tap, allowing your baby to breathe properly.

REUSABLE & AFFORDABLE: Save money and stop buying snot suckers and bulb syringe. No replacements or refills are needed for the Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator. The nozzles are reusable, just rinse it with warm water and store in a clean and dry space.

SAFE & COMFORTABLE: The nozzles are made out of food-grade soft silicone to ensure no pain or discomfort to the nasal mucosa of your newborn.

WORRY-FREE: Have peace of mind knowing that your baby's airways are cleared and having a good night of sleep.

SAY BYE TO TRADITIONAL METHODS: Cleaning with cotton swabs may be painful for your newborn & tissue may damage their sensitive skin. While bulb syringe and snot sucker may seem safe, the possibilities of you catching the flu with snot sucker is high. Here is a review from one of our customers. 

"I'm buying every expectant mom I know one of these as a shower gift! I bought this when my 6m old daughter had RSV. She screamed when we used the bulb, and you know the bulbs just hold germs in too. I didn't feel comfortable using that over and over again. We tried the snot sucker too, and although it got the job done, I'm positive I was sucking in germs because I could feel the air coming from my daughter when I was using it and she breathed. Of course, I got sick right after that. No surprise there. This aspirator was a Godsend. It prevents such possibilities."

Melissa L.

Don't Take It From Us!

We can rattle on about the amazing features and benefits, but we know you'd rather hear the success stories from happy customers.

Totally worth it!

This is definitely worth the money !!!!! I wish i bought this with my first child this is a god send. Makes it super easy to get my newborn’s runny nose clean. Best tip is to put the aspirator in one nostril and cover the other nostril with your finger it will suck those boogies out fast

Justin Castillo.

I love it!

I bought this for my new born baby, and it works great on my baby girl. The machine has 5 different levels of nose sucker, so it’s easy to get the deeply booger snatcher out. I used traditional aspirators which doesn’t work well before I bought this one. It really help new mommy and recommended!

Melissa Ferguson.

This works amazingly!

We had the nose frida and my baby hated it and it was hard to manage her and the tubing and trying to suck her snot. I so felt like I’d get sick after every time I’d suck her snot out. So I thought I’d try this and I love it!! It is so convenient and it does a pretty great job of sucking the booger’s out. My baby doesn’t fight me as much either! It’s a great product with a great price

Samuel Garza.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the age recommendation for this?

The baby nasal aspirator is perfect for ages between 0-10 years. Until it's safe for your own child to independently clean their own nose.

Q: How do I remove dried nasal mucus?

We highly recommend investing in saline drops (avoid added medicine) to loosen the mucus when it has dried up. Once it's moist, remove the mucus with the device.

Q: Do I need batteries to use the device?

No, our product is rechargeable via a USB cable which comes with your purchase.

Q: How do I clean the device?

The nozzles are removable. Once used, remove the nozzles and soak it in warm or salted water to disinfect the device. Dry it and keep it in a clean space.

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